Detailed Conference Program
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Sunday, October 16

8:30 SIG Cabinet
8:30 New Ph.D. Colloquium
10:30 Chapter Assembly
10:30 Student Design Competition Organizing Session
Noon New Member/First Conference Brunch

PLENARY SESSION: Greg Welch. Bridging the Telepresence Valley


Information and Scholarly Association (papers)

Tomato Tomahto: European Perspectives on Information Science

Open Innovation in Smart Cities: Civic Participation and Co-creation of Public Services

Health Information Behavior (Papers)

Data Reuse Behavior (Papers)

17:30 ASIS&T Leadership Program

Publish or Perish: Meet the Editors

Life After Tenure: Professional Development Strategies for Mid-Career Faculty

Information Practices Meet Lifelogging Technologies: Towards a Successful Multimethod Research Framework

Untangling Data Sharing and Reuse in Social Sciences

19:00 Welcome Reception/SIG Rush
20:30 Student Reception

Monday, October 17


Diversity and Multiculturalism of LIS Education

The Science of Queries

Bibliometrics and Information Retrieval: Creating Knowledge Through Research Synergies

Research Knowledge Structures and Practices (Papers)

A Right to Read for Machines: Assessing a Black-Box Analysis Exception for Data Mining


PLENARY SESSION: Markus Bundschus. Text and Data Mining Meets Biomedical Research

6:30 President's Reception Featuring Posters
8:00 International Reception

Dismantling Information Poverty in Cultural Production for Young People

Searching for Relevance (Papers)

The Last Frontier in Open Science: Will Open Peer Review Transform Scientific and Scholarly Publishing?

Social Informatics of Data Norms

Digital Data Curation (Papers)


Supporting Inclusion (Papers)

How Is Image Seeking and Use Studied: Theoretical Models and Research Methods

Global/Local Knowledge Organization: Contexts and Questions

Digital Sociology and Information Science Research

New Data Analytics Methods (Papers)

18:30 President's Reception Featuring Posters
20:00 International Reception

Tuesday, October 18


Archival Interventions: Anti-violence and Social Justice Work in Colonial Contexts

Information Literacy: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Cultural Information Behavior (Papers)

Socio-Technical Design (Papers)

Crowdsourcing Approaches for Knowledge Organization Systems: Crowd Collaboration or Crowd Work?


Preserving Intangible Heritage: Defining a Research Agenda

Reading New Methods, New Understanding (Papers)

New Takes on Information Behavior (Papers)

The Science of Games (Papers)

Making Research Data Possible

Noon Annual Awards Luncheon

Digital Liaisons Virtual Uncommons: Creating Knowledge, Enhancing Lives via Digital Libraries

Spanning Languages and Culture (Papers)

Experiencing Political Information (Papers)

Information Work in Information Science Research and Practice


ALISE/ASIS&T Joint Presidential Session on Accreditation

Learning and Information (Papers)

Qualitative Methods for Studying Health Information Behaviors

Research Perspectives on Serendipity and Information Encountering

Ethical Tensions in Research: The Influence of Metatheoretical Orientation on Research Ethics

17:00 ASIS&T Annual Business Meeting
18:30 University Reception
20:00 SIG/CON