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Current Volume
Volume 65 Issue 4 (April 2014)

How many athletes qualified for the London Olympic Games?
Adrian Miroiu


An arts-informed study of information using the draw-and-write technique
Jenna Hartel

Dynamic topic detection and tracking: A comparison of HDP, C-word, and cocitation methods
Wanying Ding and Chaomei Chen

Twitter users' interest in asteroid 2012 DA14 mirrored the asteroid's trajectory during its Earth flyby
Stefan Stieger and Viren Swami

Learning to expand queries using entities
Wladmir C. Brandão, Rodrygo L. T. Santos, Nivio Ziviani, Edleno S. de Moura and Altigran S. da Silva

Dyadic attribution model: A mechanism to assess trustworthiness in virtual organizations
Shuyuan Mary Ho and Izak Benbasat

The information journey of marketing professionals: Incorporating work task-driven information seeking, information judgments, information use, and information sharing
Jia Tina Du

Understanding information and communication technology behavioral intention to use: Applying the UTAUT model to social networking site adoption by young people in a least developed country
Bangaly Kaba and Bakary Touré

A grounded theory of the practice of web information architecture in large organizations
Sally Burford

When complexity becomes interesting
Frans van der Sluis, Elisabeth M. A. G. van Dijk, Franciska M. G. de Jong, Egon L. van den Broek and Richard J. Glassey

How to Conduct a Practice-Based Study: Problems and Methods – By Gherardi Silvia; Practice Theory, Work and Organization: An Introduction – By Nicolini Davide; The Dynamics of Social Practice: Everyday Life and How It Changes – By Shove Elizabeth, Pantzar Mike and Watson Matthew
Andrew M. Cox

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